Updates, Updates everywhere

This probably should’ve been this month’s “On Repeat” but let’s be honest, I’m failing at posting at the moment. Things are HECTIC and I’m failing at balancing everything but hey, I’m not letting it stress me out so that’s a plus! I just thought I’d do my April updates real fast and then hopefully find time this month to actually post!

So what happened in April?





  • I turned 21!!! That was fun. I didn’t do anything crazy just hung out with my family, went and had my first drink and played some poker with my mom. Tried slot machines. Did okay, then lost my money. Decided I don’t like gambling because it’s fun while you’re winning but then you lose ALL YOUR MONEY. I could’ve spent that $20 on books!
  • Then I cut off most my hair and got a piercing. Exciting! Despite having three tattoos I’ve never had any kind of piercing so obviously I went and had three holes put in my right ear.


  • The big thing last month was that I went to my first writing conference! It was small, just here in Reno, but so awesome! I’m so proud of myself for going because I am not good in any social situation but it was fun. I learned some and I definetely want to check out a bigger conference when I have the chance. All around a good experience. I have a post written about it and sharing some tips I learned which I PROMISE I will post soon.
  • Going along with that. I was supposed to have a ten-minute pitch session at the conference but the agent got stuck in California BUT she was super nice and offered everyone she was supposed to meet with a ten-minute phone call. That was nerve wracking but she was sooo nice. I learned some things. I got to actually pitch my book for the first time. And yeah, so that was awesome. Also helped me to really see how agents aren’t actually mythical beasts, they’re people too!
  • And then we have Camp NaNoWriMo. So, I won. Technically. I met my word count goal. Buuut. There were some…obstacles. First, the golden rule, you don’t edit as you go. BUT about 20k in I realized I had to completely reorganize my plot and some big things had to happen in the beginning that I couldn’t do without restarting. So I restarted. AND THEN, I decided to line edit my main project (Ren & Farrah), one last time before sending queries so I paused NaNo to do that. Meaning, I am still working on my NaNo novel. I won because of rewriting my beginning and therefore meeting my goal but I have like half the book to go still! I have a post I’m making about this so look at for that.

So yeah. I think that’s pretty much it. This month I’m going to be focusing on finishing my NaNo draft and then, at some point, I’m going to settle in for rewriting my November NaNo novel – fun! And yeah, I will try to be better at posting this month!

Btw, as you can tell, I’ve been trying to use Instagram more recently, if you want to follow me it’s @TheStoryGoes_ which is my username on most sites. Links to my socials: Insta / Twitter / Pinterest / Tumblr (writing one)

SO. How was your April? Did you do Camp? How’d it go??? Do anything exciting? Go anywhere exciting? Do share below. XD


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