Know The Novel part 1: Introducing My NaNo Project (In MORE DETAIL)

NaNo is coming, NaNo is coming... *cue screaming* Sooo. I came across this awesome new linkup created hosted by Musings of an Elf called Know The Novel and I just HAD to do it. The linkup will take place this month, next month, and December for NaNoWriMo though you DON'T have to be doing NaNo to … Continue reading Know The Novel part 1: Introducing My NaNo Project (In MORE DETAIL)


Announcing My NaNoWriMo 2018 Project!

It's that time of year again... NaNoWriMo is coming! (I feel like I'm so behind on NaNo prep and everything this year even though I got an early start?!? Like it's a week away and I haven't even announced my novel yet!?!? What is happening????) So. Anyway. What is NaNoWriMo you ask? Well, it's my … Continue reading Announcing My NaNoWriMo 2018 Project!

Tips & Tricks: Getting/Staying Inspired

Sometimes it can be hard to feel inspired to write. Whether you're just getting started or in the middle of your third draft. Whether this is your first book or your 13th. Inevitably, there will be moments where you don't feel inspired. At all. So I thought I'd share some of my top tips for … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Getting/Staying Inspired

Coffee & A Chat: Why You Should Take Breaks

Let's be real, the main point of this post is a reminder to myself, who is terrible, truly awful, at taking breaks. *sigh* I've been writing for over six years now though, and I've learned a lot of things in that time. A big one, is that it is important to take breaks and let … Continue reading Coffee & A Chat: Why You Should Take Breaks

The Get To Know Me Tag: Writer’s Edition

Do you ever just...completely forget about something? Like the fact that you have a blog? I think what happened is that I kept not having time to write posts/having no inspiration/not knowing what to write here so... I didn't. And then it just...slipped my mind? And then I realized I haven't posted since April... I've … Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag: Writer’s Edition

How I Deal With Self Doubt

Here's a not-so-secret secret: every. single. writer. deals with self-doubt. Every single one. At every single stage. Even popular published authors. It's no secret I love Victoria Shwab. One, for her amazing writing and fantastic books. Two, because of her twitter. She is so open and honest on it and it's so reassuring to see … Continue reading How I Deal With Self Doubt

Valentine’s Day Writing Tag

So... Valentine's Day is over and I wasn't actually tagged for this but I saw it on Tyffany Hackett's blog and it looked like fun, so I wanted to do it! RULES: Describe your WIP in three sentences or fewer. Then answer the following 10 questions. The Forgotten Name is a YA Fantasy novel about … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Writing Tag

Coffee and A Chat: Top Writing Tips???

I don't know about you but I always blank when someone asks for writing tips and advice. Like I have so MUCH that I've accumulated over the last six years, continually learning my craft, but the second someone asks for advice or tips? My mind goes empty. It's like I have to be in the … Continue reading Coffee and A Chat: Top Writing Tips???

Monthly Wrap-Up: Janurary 2018

Sooo, I attempted to do these monthly wrap-ups last year and...completely failed. So let's try this again! Writing: This month my main focus was working on my YA Fantasy, The Forgotten Name. I started by doing a toooon of new worldbuilding and outlining because this novel has gone through so many changes since the first draft … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up: Janurary 2018

Tips & Tricks: On Revising/Editing

Okay. This blog is seriously lacking in the tips for editing front. I've been writing for about six years now, I have taken apart and completely rewritten many novels in that time, picked up a few tips on editing, and slowly figured out my own way of editing and revising. I recently tore apart my novel, … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: On Revising/Editing