My WIPS (Work In Progress):

Land Of Stars –

About: With the summer shaping up to be one big disappointment, twins Warner and Emmett are in for the surprise of their lives when their farm is chosen as the grounds for an immortal Olympic games. Scooped up by giants and carted to the Land of Stars, the twins soon find themselves responsible for the fate of the world, equipped with nothing but their brains, a socket wrench, and a baseball bat.

The setting: This one has two main settings, the farm where War and Emmett live and the Land of Stars which is…complicated. It’s a world/almost another dimension, in the sky. I like to explain it as a slip in the universe. It’s the land of immortals.

Genre: MG, fantasy adventure

Inventions, Dragons, and Hot Air Balloons –

About:  An adventure-seeking princess and a twelve-year-old inventor team up to win the kingdom’s greatest balloon race. Only to crash, be saved by a dragon, and have one of their dad’s kidnapped by a man in a golden mask. They then discover a new land. Filled with one of the greatest friendships in written history (or what will hopefully one day be known as that).

The setting: Margo and Adalyn live in the kingdom of Asalie where it’s just very much a typical fantasy kingdom. They’re known for their balloon races and performance troupes. Across the gray sea, however, the girls find another land, Ariem. A land that still has magic.

Genre: MG, fantasy adventure

The Carnival of Death –


When 12-year-old cousins, Leo and Adrian move to a new city after their grandmother’s death, the last thing they expected was to find themselves outside the middle school on Halloween night, preparing to enter the death carnival. But Leo’s never been one to turn down a challenge and she’s determined to stay in the carnival that only appears for one night a year, until morning. A feat that’s never been done before. Dragging Adrian with her is a must, not to mention Felix, the strange boy who’s obsessed with death. Together, Leo’s sure they can outsmart and outrun the carnies and make it until morning. The demon, however, they weren’t expecting.

The setting: The Carnival of Death that arrives but one night a year…

Genre:  MG – Horror


The Forgotten Name –

About: Mal has worlds inside his head. Well…one world anyway. Now that world’s in danger, Mal’s dying, and the only way to save everyone is to do something Mal told himself he never would…

The setting: Mostly Malnation, the world the MC created when he was seven.

Genre: YA…fantasy?

M.I.F. –

About: Henry’s an imaginary friend. Lyla is his favorite person. only, she’s growing up and every imaginary friend knows what that means; they aren’t needed anymore.

The setting: An unnamed city and the farm Lyla grew up on.

Genre: MG…magical realism?

The Olympian Wars: The Hunters Of Artemis –

About: The greek gods made a return destroying most of earth in the process as they warred with each other. There are only two gods left, each with their own group of followers. This book follows an unnamed character, who’s Artemis’ number one hunter, in her quest to find Artemis after the goddess goes missing.

The setting: The setting is mostly dystopian Earth but there’s a little fantasy in there too.

Genre: YA….dystopian fantasy?

Other things that need to be edited/revised:

  • Immortals
  • Alternate Ways of Communication
  • A War of Queens
  • Wonderland
  • Dragon Heir

Books that are sitting:

  • Friendzone.
  • Narcolepsy
  • Dragon Heir book 2
  • This World In Gray – technically being queried off and on.
  • Dangerous Chase

Last updated: March 2017

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